All My Gaming Achivements!

Challenge ProMode Arena
Beginners Cup #2 | 7th
Kenya Cup 2017 | 9th
Triatholon Draft Cup | 3rd (w/ Team Delta)
CTF Draft Cup 2 | 4th (w/ Team Four)
Autumn Duel Cup | 8th
Beginners Duel Cup # 3 | 9th
#cpmleague Beginners Group C | 3rd
#cpmleague Beginners Main | 9th
Beginners Duel Cup #4 | 14th

Unreal Tournament 4
Unreal Battles iDM KOTG | 51st
UnrealPUGs 3Eli FunCup | 6th (w/ MagNoren)
ESL 4TDM Cup | 5th (w/ Iron Guard)
Unreal Battles iCTF Draft Cup Group A | 2nd (w/ Motörhead)
Unreal Battles iCTF Draft Cup Playoffs | 5th-8th (w/ Motörhead)

Road to TimConL4N | 9th
EUROCUP #2 | 9th
Euro Winter League Groups | 2nd (Group E)
Euro Winter League Playoffs | 10th

XQC #85 Insta+Hook Duel | 9th-16th
Instacup 3 | 6th in Group A (Eliminated)


Open Source, good, populated. What’s not to like?!

Challenge Promode Arena!

Such a god damn good mod, for such a good game. Come join us in Discord and have a good time!